Literature, Audio & Video

The following 4 documents must be read out at every CoDA meeting:

Click on the ‘download’ button to download the following literature from CoDependents Anonymous and CoDA groups:

You may find the following pamphlets useful:


Audio resources:

Tucson Introduction to Coda

Audio Recordings of CoDA’s founders, Ken and Mary R. 

CoDA’s founders, Ken and Mary, work the 12 steps

CoDA’s founders, Ken and Mary, at the 2019 Speaker Event (UK)

Voices in Recovery

CoDA Arizona – October Speaker Series Live Workshop Library

UK Speaker Series Recordings (2020)

Coda Shares

CoDA podcast – the Primary Purpose group

Sponsorship in CoDA: 2007 Workshop


Video resources:

What is Codependence? video 

CoDA Arizona – Saturday Speaker Series Workshop Library (videos at the end) 


To aid you in starting a meeting, we provide the following documents and links. Click here for advice on starting a Zoom meeting. 

Sample CoDA Meeting Format

Sample CoDA Group Conscience Format

CoDA Door Sign

CoDA Serenity Prayer Tent Card

CoDA Tradition 12 Tent Card

CoDA Extended Serenity Prayer


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