Starting A Meeting

To aid in running an online CoDA meeting, we offer the following resources.

Here are the full details of the Zoom settings we’ve decided on at CoDA Ireland intergroup to maximise security, anonymity & accessibility as per guidance from other 12-step programmes, and our own experience with online meetings to date.

Here are some articles on how to optimise Zoom settings for 12 step meetings:

How To Maximise Security for a 12 Step Meeting on Zoom 

How to enable ‘Waiting Room’ for 12 Step Meetings on Zoom

Tips to Improve Anonymity in 12 Step Meetings on Zoom

How To Have A Unique ID for a 12 Step Meeting On Zoom

How to Enable Meeting Passcodes (or passwords) for 12 Step Meetings on Zoom

10 Tips to Improve Call Quality & Hosting in 12 Step Meetings on Zoom

Chat, Reactions & Breakout Rooms for 12 Step Meetings on Zoom

Sample meeting format additions for online meetings:

I ask everyone to please keep their microphones on mute for the duration of the meeting, unless you are sharing.

As directed by our Group Conscience, we encourage you all to keep your video on for the safety of all our members. I ask those of you who do not have your videos turned on, to do so now, so that we can verify these account names. You can switch your video off again afterwards if you are having network or signal issues.

Welcome, <phone number(s)> – can you please identify yourself by name in the next 5 minutes? For the safety of the group, every member must give a name. Thank you.

The following 4 documents must be read out at every CoDA meeting:

The following documents may also be useful: 

Sample CoDA Meeting Format

Sample CoDA Group Conscience Format

CoDA Door Sign

CoDA Serenity Prayer Tent Card

CoDA Tradition 12 Tent Card

CoDA Extended Serenity Prayer

Meeting Starter Packet / CoDA Meeting Handbook

You can register your new meeting for listing on this website by contacting us

You can register your new meeting on – CoDependents Anonymous U.S.A – by clicking here.

Here are the 12 Concepts of Co-Dependents Anonymous for those interested in service at intergroup level.